Gorge walking

Meet at the our base to get changed into wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets before driving to the gorge location.

Once here the adventure really begins. As you become immersed (often literally) as you make progress through narrow channels, across deep pools and even up waterfalls involving a combination of jumping, scambling, swimming and sliding.

Once at the top of the gorge we then head back to the start which is often the most exciting time as waterfalls become flumes.

Due to this activity being further afield, booking is essential and its subject to availability.


0930hrs &1330hrs

Costs From:

Adult - £45

Child - £25

This activity gives a unique opportunity to explore a hidden gorge from the river perspective.

We explore the river using various techniques to surmount the natural obstacles the environment presents.  This activity is always a hit with our customers despite the fact that it is most definitely our wet, wet, wet activity. Our instructors will take care of your party whilst ensuring that everybody has a fantastic experience!




You will find our activity centre by the River Tay on the east side of Aberfeldy

Beyond Adventure
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