Celebrating 25 years of Beyond Adventure

Celebrating 25 Years of Adventuring

This year we are celebrating 25 years of adventuring!

Established in 1998, Beyond Adventure has been active for over 25 years. Based in Aberfeldy, we have organised trips throughout Scotland and the world. 

We started with a passion born in the Scottish mountains, rivers and lochs and this passion still remains. 

Over the coming year we will be outlining what made Beyond Adventure a success whilst giving you an insight into the companies ethos. We start with a word from the man who created our great wee business - Stephen MacDonald.

How it all began...

Working in a residential outdoor centre, my passion was always for coaching. When out with groups, it was natural to think about what I would like to do in the future in the outdoors, which I loved to share with others.
This meant that the name Beyond Adventure was born long before the business was started. At that time in outdoor activities, I felt the term ‘adventure’ had been hi-jacked by companies selling ’thrills and spills’ rather than genuine learning experiences. To me, it was not right to use the outdoors to provide something that could be provided in a theme park. To counter this, it was natural to coin the name Beyond Adventure as a way to reclaim the term adventure to mean a journey with an unknown (learning) destination. 
Some years later, Beyond Adventure became a thing in 1998 as I started the business utilising equipment I had built up over time. We started out working from my garage and with an office in our box room. Importantly, the first paying job we delivered involved another coach, Anna Sibbald, demonstrating a key intention from the start which was to create something bigger than just myself as a self employed contractor.
The next episode will see the business growing from this starting point.
Stephen Macdonald - Founding Director


What are your memories from Beyond Adventure?


Have you paddled, hiked, biked or worked with Beyond Adventure over the last 25 years? 

We would love to hear your stories! Get in touch with us and let us know what you loved. If you have photos (particularly from the early years) please share!



We are here to help make your experience an amazing memory to enjoy so, please get in touch for all the information you need.

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