Responsible Tourism in Scotland

Responsible Tourism in Scotland

Travelling in Scotland Responsibly

Responsible travel in Scotland has been getting a lot of attention since last summer, read on to find out some handy tips and hints!

Very shortly the restrictions that have been stopping us all travelling in our we country will be eased and we will be able to showcase how awesome Scotland is again.

As a business who welcomes tourism, the team at Beyond adventure are excited beyond belief that we will be able to take people from all corners of the UK into the hills, onto the lochs and river where we call hom.

Last July when lockdown restricions eased it was well documented that not everybody who visited the Highlands of Scotland acted in the best way possible to preserve the land that we love so much. From "dirty campers" to campervaners not knowing where to go, there was a minority of people not sure what to do when it came to travelling both responsibly and sustainably.

The good news is that it is not rocket science! Read on for some top tips on how to travel in Scotland and also how Beyond Adventure are doing their bit to keep Perthsire beautiful.



Where to Camp in Perthshire

We must make a distinction between "Wild Camping" and "Dirt Camping" or "Car Camping'.

Beyond adventure has always been a massive advocate for wild camping. By this we mean traveling into the remote and wild areas of Scotland by canoeing, hiking or cycling - being self suffiecient and crrying in everything that you need for the duration of your trip. Wild campers are mindful of the impact that they have on the environment around them, they leave no trace of where they have been and respect the land, flora and fauna. In Scotland the vast majority of rural areas are accessible through the year for this type of camping. The Access laws that protect this right are based upon respecting both the land, the wildlife that lives on it and the other user of this land, if you follow them, Wild camping in Scotland can be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

Car camping is when a group drives to a beauty area, pulls up in a lay-by or carpark and then camps by the roadside. This caused problems last year when restrictions eased as the areas of beauty that these campers fled to were soon over-crowded and could not sustain the numbers of people wanting to visit. In the worst cases campers left their tents, rubbish and excrement by the roadside for somebody else to clear up - these inconsiderate people were then labeled Dirty Campers.

How Can we Help?

To combat this anti- social behaviour in our rural communities there are now Greenspace Rangers being employed to help eduacte peope on the best practice for camping. A couple of top tips for car camping - 

  • Consider booking a dedicated campsite - they are clean, have proper amenities and places for you to dump your rubbish!
  • If you turn up and a car park is full or there are already people camping near- by, carry on to the next area.
  • Leave your campsite the same (if not better) than when you found it - take out all rubbish, tents and waste created duing your stay.
  • Dont block roads for emergency vehicles and locals.
  • Be considerate of others. People come to rural areas for the peace and tranquility - don't ruin it by blasting out music! Also be mindful of locals, repect their space.


The Beauty Spots of Perthshire

Living in Perthsire we know how lucky we are to be surrounded by such natural beauty. It is understadable that people want to visit these areas when they visit us in the Scottish Highlands. The problems arrise when we have a huge influx of visitors at the same time (as happened last July). 

If you are planning a hike, paddle or bike ride in rural areas, give some thought to who else might be planning a similar route. Some of our local munros are very popular on sunny days which can lead to overflowing carparks and crowded hillsides. With a wee bit more planning you can find a lesser known hill (every bit as beautiful) that doesnt have a soul on it!

At Beyond Adventure we speacialise in getting people off the beaten path. We choose areas that are lesser known so you see Scotland at it's finest.

Looking for advice? Just get in touch!


Know before you go...

By planning your trip befoer heading out to the countryside you will save yourself a lot of hassle!

  • Find out the best campsites and book beforehand.
  • If in a campervan find out where the nearest waste disposals are to your routes and plan accordingly. Research the roads you will be travelling on to make sure they are suitable for the size of vehicle you are driving.
  • Find out what the local towns are like. What shops are there? What places can you go to eat? What visitor attractions are there? We cant wait to see you, so make sure you stop by!
  • What season are you travellng in? Spring, summer and autumn bring different events in the wildleofe calendar, watch out for breeding and nesting times. 
  • Traveling with a dog? Make sure you take a lead! It's lambing time in Perthsire just now - please keep your dogs under control!


Established in 1998, Beyond Adventure has been a leader in paddlesports instruction, expeditions and guiding. We are passionate and professional about working in the outdoors, the environment we work in and the people that we are lucky to meet along the way.

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What Does Beyond Adventure Do to help?

We follow a Green Policy at all times when operating in Scotland to ensure that we are using the best practice possible. 

We are not content with simpy minimising impact - we want to have apositive effect on the land and environment we work in, live and value so much.


Official Planet Patrol Partner 

We’re proud to be recognised as an official Planet Patrol partner, helping to deliver clean ups in our community as part of a global network. 

Planet Patrol has more than 150 official reps worldwide and alongside efforts from volunteers we’ve helped remove almost 300,000 pieces of litter from nature. Everything is recorded in the Plastic Patrol app, adding to a global evidence base that is used to campaign at industry and government level. 

To sign up for our next Litter Pick Click Here!

Carbon Neutral 

In 2019 we made a pledge to offset our annual carbon footprint by planting native trees in the Scottish Highlands with the Scottish Charity - Trees for Life. By planting native tree species there are huge beneficial factors to the local wildlife and ecosystem.



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