Happy New Year!


This January gifted us with not only a new year but a whole new decade to play with.


It is a really nice, calming thought that with the turn of a new decade we will start a clean sheet and anything is possible…


The world of social media has been very quick to point out that we should be bettering ourselves, pushing ourselves, keeping up with new trends, getting rid of bad habits and generally conquering life to make the twenties the best ever decade.


This can all seem a bit daunting especially when you wake up on January 1st and realise – NOTHING HAS REALLY CHANGED!


So what can we do to make the 20s a success?


We are lucky to see people everyday that have chosen to try something new, to push themselves or to do something a wee bit different. The good news – we have been taking notes!



We have jotted down 5 things that we feel makes a difference to each person that visits Beyond Adventure, over the next while we will take each of these and chat about them a wee bit further.


  1. Try Something New
  2. Unplug
  3. Paddle Your Canoe into the sunset
  4. Live on the wild side
  5. Challenge yourself


Stay tuned to find out more, is there anything you would add to our list?

Team Beyond Adventure