In a rut? 


It can sometimes feel that you are a slave to your daily/ weekly/ monthly routine. Eat the same things, see the same people, run the same run. A rut can make you feel stale, unmotivated and uninspired. It can be safe to say that everybody travelling through life has experienced this feeling at some point, it’s not uncommon and the good news it has a fairly simple remedy.


Sure it’s not a routine?


Don’t get a rut confused with a routine. A routine can be essential to the running of your life – to get up for work, drop the kids at school, to eat healthily and get enough exercise. A strong, effective routine can encourage success through practising positive habits (planing your day, a good bedtime routine etc.) and getting ready of the negative ones (eating unhealthy snacks, sleeping in too long). A routine can also have great health benefits – an unpredictable, stressful lifestyle can lead to increased cortisol levels which if sustained can lead to all manner of health issues. In summary – Routine good, Rut bad.


So… what to do?


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. – A. Einstein


If you want to break the rut – try something new!


The benefits of doing something out of the ordinary are well documented.


Overcome Fear 

The fear of the unknown can be one of the big ones, regularly making yourself wander outside your daily routine is a great way to make this a simpler process. The mountain to overcome may soon appear to be a molehill.


Get to Know yourself better

“I didn’t know I could do that”. Stay in your rut you may never have found out!



Learn new skills, expand your horizons, become more interesting, stay healthy and boost your confidence.


This seems like fairly obvious advice but the simplest answer to a problem is sometime the best one. “Something new” doesn’t have to be a massive thing. Try eating somewhere new or cook a new recipe. Introduce yourself to somebody new at a party. Change your walk/ run/ cycle route.


Everybody is different and it is important to recognise that the person sitting next to you might be more adventurous than you – don’t judge yourself by their standards but recognise your own achievements. Give yourself kudos when you have pushed yourself outside your “comfort zone” – only YOU know how hard you worked to achieve.


So where do Beyond Adventure stand in all this?


We are in the business of helping people try new things. Everyday we see people choosing to challenge theirselves, we also see the benefits people get from this. A stressed office worker soon takes on the pace of the meandering river they are travelling on. A bored parent soon becomes exhilarated when their face hits the water. A quiet kid giggles and shouts with delight when they reach the top of a climb.


The whole point of this blog is to share our experiences with you but the only true way is to take the first step yourself. That wee step might lead you to trying something that could change your life!

If you need help just pick up the phone!