Like it or not, we are all living in the digital age.


I challenge you to remember the last time that you got through a day without your smart phone, laptop or tablet. The very fact that you are reading this article means that you are spending time with your device.


This isn’t an article to preach to you. A quick google search will give us a decades worth of reading into why staring at a screen is bad for your health, a burden on your relationships and the reason you can’t sleep at night. Instead we wanted to ask – when we are on our mobile, what are we missing out on?


We think that whilst technology is to be embraced, it is far too good at capturing our attention. All too often we see it interrupting a conversation or halting somebody mid stride with a new notification or alert.


What would happen if we all went on a digital diet? Periods of the day/ week/ month that are devoid of screen time would free up some much needed time in our busy life to do… well, anything you wanted!


One of the great things we witness at Beyond Adventure everyday is people unwinding. People’s lives are busy and quite often we see the effects of that at the start of trips. Often the focus can be on ‘the plan’ or what we have to do next – not always on the here and now. Fast forward a couple of hours on the water, down the trail or up the hill and the same person has changed – shoulders relax, smiles emerge and the perspective has moved from the future to the here and now.


There is something spell binding about moving at the pace of the river. Planning a day around tide times or daylight hours. Stopping to take in the view, not to take an instagram post but simply to soak in the magic that emanates from looking upon mountains.


Very quickly you will not notice how many steps you have done that day, how many likes your last post got or how long your battery has left.


You may notice that you are less stressed, more carefree and your mind (which is usually full of the rigmarole of everyday life) suddenly has space to dwell on the small things in life.


So let’s not try to rid of ourselves of all your digital companions, instead lets all think of taking a sabbatical from them.


We have a wide selection of products that you could help achieve this. If you think 5 days away is too much, why not join us on a micro adventure for a couple of days? To start your journey simply get in touch, we are happy to help!


Team Beyond Adventure